Shutdown Inspection Solution

One of the critical activities to ensure optimal operational capacity is managing inspection plans during the asset lifecycle. As a result, routine facility turnarounds and shutdowns with minimum disruption to operations are necessary.


What is shutdown inspection solution?

Activity carried out periodically especially during turnaround maintenance and used to assess the progress of damage in a component. Shutdown Inspection can be by means of technical instruments (e.g. NDT) or as visual examination of checking the conformity of the equipment by NDT instruments or visual examination at regular intervals.

AIMS’s shutdown inspection solution consists Inspection experienced team, multi-disciplined technicians, performing effectively inspection and testing activities with highly effective NDT methods and techniques for every aspect of turnarounds and shutdowns. Our shut shutdown inspection services include:

  • Mechanical Equipment &Piping Inspection
  • Electrical &Instrumentation Equipment Testing
  • Rotation Equipment Inspection
  • Storage Tank Inspection
  • Steel& Concert Structures Inspection
  • Coating& Painting Inspection


Why Choose AIMS?

We combined skills, technology and effective comminution to offer a proven track record in reliable inspection and technical assistance during each turnarounds and shutdowns to decrease costly downtime and re-start your operations quickly and safely.