Risk Based Inspection Solution

In today’s highly competitive Oil & Gas market, increased pressure to reduce risks and improve safety and reliability cost effectively is main reason for continuous operations, particularly to avoid any unplanned shutdowns. Additionally, worldwide regulatory incentives are also pushing for improved risk management aimed at protecting the environment and citizens from major industrial hazards. Companies must therefore ensure that their equipment is safe, reliable and does not create threats to the surrounding environment. Our risk based inspection service enables you to balance inspection costs and risk by using appropriate technology and software for inspection and maintenance planning.



What is Risk-Based Inspection (RBI)?

A risk assessment and management process that is focused on loss of containment of pressurized equipment in processing facilities, due to material deterioration. These risks are managed primarily through equipment inspection.


What are the key benefits?

  • Knowledge of equipment potential risk is increased
  • Plant operation and equipment is more reliable;
  • Whit developing more effective on-stream /in-service inspection techniques safety is increased and Cost is optimized and shutdown scope is Possible to tailor
  • During the implementation process is increased teamwork;
  • Knowledge database including equipment design, process features, damage mechanisms and inspection strategies is developed.


Why Choose AIMSCO?

AIMS has developed an RBI approach following API 580, API 581 and implement a user-friendly Asset Integrity Management /RBI software tools that called “orKsoft®” in close partnership agreement with AMETHYSTE company.

Risk Assessment Modules are embedded on demand and target any object managed by orKsoft®.

  • orKsoft® is a generic management system enabling companies to capture expert knowledge on specific risk assessment methodologies such as:
  • orKsoft HSE & Integrity Management®: related to the Risk Register (Audit, Downgraded Situation, Integrity Threat, Major Risk Scenario).
  • orKsoft RBI Pressure System®: Risk Based Inspection for Pressure Vessels and Piping based upon API 581 2008.
  • orKsoft RBI API Atmospheric Storage Tank®: based upon API 581 2016.
  • orKsoft RBI Pipeline®: This module is dedicated to linear assets. It is a flexible approach which can be customized for different standard such as API, ASME, DNV-RP-F116 and other industry standards.
  • Customized module based on standard module or client expertise.



AIMS implement RBI in various way for clients, RBI can be applied to a pilot or full-scale project, from full involvement with the client to complete service outsourcing. In both cases, the process is similar and includes:

  • Data extraction and collection (equipment design, process data, inspection records) and analysis
  • Identification of process streams /piping circuits / corrosion loops, marking up P&IDs; based
  • Determination of probability of damage mechanism
  • Determination of consequences of specific damage mechanism
  • Database population and risk assessment;
  • Inspection strategy and planning for risk reduction
  • Determination of other risk mitigation