Condition Monitoring Solution

Continuous evaluation of the health of plant and equipment throughout its serviceable life is maintained by condition monitoring. Condition monitoring and protection are closely related functions. Condition monitoring is be extended to provide primary protection, but its real function must always be to attempt to recognize the development of faults at an early stage.



What is conditions monitoring techniques?

Continuous or periodic measurement and interpretation of data to indicate the degraded condition (potential failure) of an item and the need for maintenance is most effective strategy to predict time of failure and select appropriate preventive task and failure management policy.

AIMS’s Condition Monitoring solutions covers a wide range of applications, including topside and subsea, above and underground pipeline, piping systems, pumps , gearboxes , electromotor , transformers, turbine and compressor trains such as:

  • Vibration monitoring.
  • Acoustic analysis.
  • Motor analysis technique.
  • Motor operated valve testing.
  • Corrosion monitoring and cathodic protection
  • Process parameter monitoring


Why Choose AIMS?

We offer the people skills, technologies and communication to integrate all available equipment condition data, such as: detection, diagnostic, Prognostics and performance data; maintenance histories; operator logs; and design data, to make timely decisions about the maintenance requirements of major/critical equipment. This process improves the effectiveness of the maintenance work and also includes making appropriate adjustments to the maintenance task balance to eliminate failures or deficiencies in the future.