Corrosion Management Solution

Accelerated rates of corrosion by pungent operating and environmental conditions and corrosive chemicals can lead to structural failure or loss of containment, costly repairs, lost or contaminated products, environmental damage, risk to personnel, and loss of public confidence. The initiative is to contribute to a reduction in the number of reported hydrocarbon releases which can be directly attributed to corrosion is achieved through an industry wide improvement in corrosion management practices. It is recognized to organize and operate successful corrosion management systems, each of which is asset specific depending on factors such as:

  • Design
  • Stage in life cycle
  • Process conditions
  • Operational history

What is Corrosion Management?

Corrosion Management is that part of the overall management system, which is concerned with the development, implementation, review and maintenance of the corrosion policy to provide a structured framework for identification of risks associated with corrosion, and the development and operation of suitable risk control measures.

A general corrosion management system has a progressive framework that is compatible with the requirements of a process safety management system concerned with ensuring the integrity of asset in oil, gas and petrochemical plants.

Why Choose AIMS?

Our qualified engineers, certified inspectors and material specialists plan and organize effective strategy to control, monitor and review preventative and protective measures to mitigate and management threats of corrosion.

We operate at various managerial and technical levels within an organization with unrivaled experience, knowledge and equipment to bring a full range of corrosion management solution. We can help you: